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Below is a partial list of abstracts from our published work. All the files are in high quality poster format (may take a few minutes on slow internet connections). Each file is in PDF format and you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download) to view them.

Clinical Advisor

  1. Banner M.J., Euliano N.R., Blanch P.B., Gabrielli A, "Noninvasive method of assessing the power of breathing (POB) for patients receiving pressure support ventilation (PSV)", abstracted, Society of Critical Care Medicine 2003 meeting, San Antonio, TX, January 2003.

  2. Gabrielli A., Adhami E., Euliano N.R., Banner M.J., "Spontaneous Breathing Pattern Parameters Correlate Poorly with Directly Measured Indices of Respiratory Muscle Workloads for Patients with Respiratory Failure", abstracted, American Society of Anesthesiologists 2003 meeting, San Francisco, CA, October 2003.
Fetal ECG Extraction
  1. Marossero D.E., Erdogmus D., Euliano N.R., Principe J.C., Hild II K.E., "Independent Components Analysis For Fetal Electrocardiogram Extraction: A Case For The Data Efficient Mermaid Algorithm", abstracted, 2003 IEEE International Workshop on Neural Networks for Signal Processing, Toulouse, France, September 2003. .

  2. Euliano T.Y., Marossero D.E., Euliano N.R., Ingram B., Andersen K., Edwards R.K., "Non-invasive Fetal ECG: Method Refinement and Pilot Data", abstracted, International Anesthesia Research Society 78th Clinical & Scientific Congress, Tampa, FL, March 2004.

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