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Our Expertise

'Convergent Engineering' has successfully handled several research projects of varying complexities over the last 7 years. These projects have not only given us invaluable experience and confidence but have also enriched our knowledge in several areas. During this period, Convergent Engineering has built a team of proficient, qualified and motivated individuals having diverse skill sets. This has enabled us to continually improve upon the range of problems that we are capable of solving.

Our core technology is Artificial Neural Networks and our strong ties with the CNEL lab at University of Florida and its director, Dr. Jose Principe, has always facilitated high quality research in areas of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Adaptive Systems. Additionally, our engineering staff has several years of research experience in areas such as Information Theory, Advanced Signal Processing, DSP, Software Engineering and Database and Information Systems. 'Convergent Engineering' also collaborates regularly with highly skilled professionals from fields such as Medicine, Biochemistry, Respiratory Therapy and others.

The following outline provides a good summary of our expertise. 

 - General Expertise

  1. Successful management of large research projects.
  2. Writing high quality research proposals.
  3. Familiarity with the grant application process of several agencies.
  4. Protecting intellectual property and patenting.

Scientific Expertise

  1. Artificial Neural Networks
  2. Adaptive Systems
  3. Signal Processing
  4. Information Theory
  5. Database and Information Systems

Technical Expertise

  1. Development of sophisticated custom devices for research projects including amplifiers and work of breathing box.
  2. Interfacing to variety of medical devices including Cardio Monitors, Ventilators, ICU Monitors and Pulse Oximeters.
  3. Development of high quality custom software for data collection, analysis, modeling, security and presentation.
  4. Proficient in use of various commercial software packages and programming languages.
  5. Experience in Wireless communication.

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