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Fetal ECG Extraction

The current non-invasive fetal monitoring systems have many drawbacks such as position-sensitivity, signal drop out, frequent confusion between MHR and FHR, failure in obese patients and they are also non-portable and cumbersome. The goal of this project is to create a non-invasive, portable and easy to use monitor of maternal-fetal electrical activity (including fetal heart rate, fetal ECG parameters, maternal heart rate, maternal ECG and uterine contractions).

We are developing information theoretic methods to separate fetal ECG (FECG) signals from the noisy electrical environment of the maternal abdomen based on the statistical properties of the mixtures (blind source separation). The separation is done using the Mermaid algorithm that is computationally and data efficient. We have already showed that Mermaid provides a marked improvement over prior methods of fetal ECG separation. The following figures give an overview of our fetal ECG data collection and processing system.

ECG Data Collection

Fetal ECG Extraction

The project will develop the technology for a comprehensive fetal and maternal monitor including fetal heart rate, FECG, and maternal EHG (contraction information) in a very compact device. This monitor will not only be less expensive than current monitors, but also provide additional information that can dramatically improve patient care and reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary procedures. Potential markets include hospital-based fetal monitoring, home/physician’s office fetal monitoring and stress tests, and as a research tool.

We have already developed the software, hardware, and algorithms that create a complete, automated, real-time system and we are currently performing clinical studies designed to provide the information necessary to refine, validate and illustrate the effectiveness our system. The intermediate results are very promising. For more details about this project, please take a look at 'abstracts' of some of our published work or send us an email at

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