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Convergent Engineering History

Convergent Engineering is a recent spin-off company that was originally the research division of NeuroDimension Incorporated(ND). Convergent Engineering applies the concepts of signal processing, information theory, data fusion and artificial intelligence to biomedical applications. Convergent Engineering has strong ties with the world-renowned Computational Neural Engineering Laboratory (CNEL) and the College of Medicine at the University of Florida. We have collaborated through licensing agreements and joint R&D with world leaders in ventilation, respiratory monitoring, fetal monitoring, and medical equipment.

The research division of ND was created in 1998 as an extension of the commercial software focus of NeuroDimension. Convergent Engineering, headed by President Neil R. Euliano, began operations in November 2004 and currently employs nine full-time engineers, one part-time engineer, an office manager, and a graduate student. Three of the engineers have PhD degrees (Electrical Engineering and Physics) and others have Masters degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering or Computer Science or Biomedical Engineering.

The core competency of Convergent Engineering is the use of computational intelligence to extract information from data, in particular biomedical data. Data is everywhere, but useful information is rare. Currently, we have 4 major efforts/projects: (1) an intelligent respiratory clinical advisor that extracts hidden information from respiratory monitors and helps promote better respiratory care through optimization of ventilator settings, (2) a non-invasive fetal ECG extraction through information theoretic methods, (3) biomedical applications of electronic nose technology, and (4) advanced applications of pulse oximetry. Our strengths lie in applying advanced signal processing techniques to extract useful information from vast amounts of sensor data, rapid development of software and hardware systems for data collection, and developing software to interface and communicate with respiratory and cardiac monitoring systems.

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