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Jobs at Convergent

Convergent Engineering is looking for Research engineers for exciting biomedical research and development projects in Gainesville FL. Multiple positions are available including research software development, computer engineer, analog electrical engineer, and signal processing engineer. Successful applicants will work in small teams and have a wide range of responsibilities.

Convergent actively seeks Engineering candidates with the following experience:

December 16, 2016 December 2, 2016 Biomedical Signal Processing Engineer- Design advanced DSP (digital signal processing) & machine intelligence for biomedical applications including ECG waveform analysis, work of breathing computation & pulse ox determination of arterial stiffness. Ph.D. in Electrical, Computer or Biomedical Engineering with concentration in biomedical signal processing or Masters in same & 3 years experience in Biomedical Signal Processing. Please send cover letters and resumes to Danay Harvey, Convergent Engineering, 107 SW 140th Terr, Gainesville, FL 32669. Refer to job#CEP02.

All applicants must be a U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident, or have indefinite employment authorization.
January 4, 2008 December 17, 2007 Biomedical Project Engineer- to develop high-end Biomedical Engineering devices using algorithms & signal processing techniques; design and development of hardware and software, hardware drivers and microcontroller codes. M.S.E.E. or M.S. in Biomedical Eng. Plus 1 yr experience in signal processing and graduate-level research or course work in biomedical signal processing. Please send cover letters and resumes to Lisa Clark, Convergent Engineering, Inc., 4817 S.W. 34th St., Ste 4 Gainesville, FL 32608. Refer to job#CEP01.

All applicants must be a U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident, or have indefinite employment authorization.

The following skills are required:

     - Masterís degree in Electrical, Computer or Biomedical Engineering or a Bachelorís degree with 3 years relevant experience.
     - Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal skills
     - Motivated and self-starting

A mix of the following skills is required depending on the position:

     - Signal processing (experience in MATLAB)
     - Neural networks and computational intelligence
     - Knowledge of physiology, particularly respiratory and cardiac physiology
     - Knowledge of medical device technologies, particularly ventilators, ECG devices, pulse-oximetry devices
     - High level mathematics
     - Computer engineering (digital design, microcontroller hardware and software, data acquisition, LABVIEW, etc.)
     - Software development (Visual Basic and/or Visual C++)
     - Analog electrical engineers (physiologic amplifiers, physiologic data collection, analog filtering)
     - Wireless communication device design

Convergent Engineering is a small company performing highly innovative biomedical engineering in Gainesville, FL. Gainesville, FL is the home of the University of Florida and is often ranked in Money Magazineís best places to live. The cost of living is low and the quality of life is high. Convergent Engineering is growing rapidly with tremendous opportunities for career growth and early management responsibilities. Starting salaries are $50,000+ depending on skills and experience.

If this sounds interesting and exciting, send us your resume at

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