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Mission and Goals

Engineering, unlike physics, invents reality. The mission of Convergent Engineering is to use a model-based approach to invent new realities that fulfill (or exceed) the needs of the most demanding applications in intelligent control, data mining, and biomedical instrumentation.
- Dr. Jose Principe, Co-Founder of NeuroDimension, Inc. and Director of the CNEL at University of Florida.

We at Convergent Engineering strongly believe in the phrase "Imagine, Explore and Innovate". Convergent Engineering's Mission is to -

  1. Select a challenging real-world problem whose solution is still unknown or obscure.

  2. Apply concepts of Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Signal Processing, and/or Information Theory to imagine and explore possible solutions.

  3. Implement innovative solutions with the help of firm theoretic principles and strong technical expertise.

  4. Find a solution to the problem based on careful and exhaustive testing.

Our Goal is to - 

  1. Focus on solving high risk, high reward problems in Biomedical Engineering.

  2. Become a one stop partner in clinical research projects and provide high quality scientific and technical support.

  3. Become the leading authority in Biomedical Research.

  4. Become the top consulting firm for institutions who wish to carry out such research.

If you are interested in a mutually beneficial collaboration, please send us an email at with more details.

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